Bring Peace Into Your Broken Soul

In times of panic, find your hiding place where it's just you and God and seek healing in prayer.

Peace isn’t easy

When living with depression or just flat out self-doubt, it can be hard to find peace in your everyday lifestyle. Whether you’re out with friends, putting in hours at work or simply reading an article online… you can still feel the pain in your heart. Making sense of the hardships can be hard as you might have accidentally done something to hurt another or potentially didn’t do anything at all and you just feel the extreme sense of guilt rushing through your body and there seems to be nothing causing it and nothing curing it…

Peace is possible

You can house all of the fear and guilt you want to but that doesn’t cover up the fact that Jesus. loves you and can take that fear away from you. He died for this very reason… to ensure our eternity and forgiveness are kept safe as time moves forward. So whether it is you that is struggling or someone you love and care about, remember that Jesus loves you and is the cure for the heartbreak.

Addressing your anxieties

Panic and anxiety can cripple you and make you feel SICK to your stomach, but that is the only temporary. Always remember that… While the symptoms can continue, the feelings will come and go. It isn’t a forever feeling like the love of the Father. In these times of panic and pain, retreat. Go find your hiding place where it is just you and God and seek healing in prayer. Simply make yourself available for healing. With pain comes emotions, with emotions comes heartache, with heartache comes the need for a savior and with the admission of need comes healing.

The journey to a better tomorrow

One thing that I know for a fact that will definitely help you in your journey to healing your soul is finding that comfort in your Heavenly Father. He will be your strongest source of healing and your longterm source of strength… His hand will never leave you. Another thing is to adjust your mindset. Your mindset can be a GAME CHANGER for you in your venture towards healing. Your mind can play tricks on you and defeat you at times, but what if you tricked your own brain?

Start with this simple tool. When you know something that is supposed to upset you or cause you to stumble comes around, force yourself to find peace in your mind and tell yourself that you will NOT let this affect your day. Force that hardship to fall and trust that your sanity and pursuit is better than whatever is going on around you… You are special and unique and are worth so much more than you can ever imagine! Keep being you and FIGHT ON! Choose joy over sadness today!